Wilkinson-Montesano Builders is a full service construction company located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Teton Valley, Idaho that since 2002 has focused on not only building the highest quality projects- but on building a reputation for honesty, transparency and value. 

We understand that our role in the building process is not simply to build a structure properly, but to make sure that our clients are one hundred percent confident in our ability to manage the project, protect their investment, and clearly communicate throughout the process.

The cornerstones supporting our philosophy are integrity, communication, quality and value.  Following this mantra, we have managed to grow into one of the most respected construction firms in the area.  We have weathered booms and busts, managing to retain the most qualified base of employees and subcontractors available.  With more than 25,000 square feet of current construction projects, Wilkinson-Montesano can assure you have a developed and trained team that will enhance your building experience.

Our homes are our legacy.  We want our clients to know that the relationships formed, and the projects created, are the key to our business success.  We are a traditional construction firm- we let our reputation and past projects market for us. 

Operational excellence is achieved through proactive communication methods.  We are constantly improving our systems to provide clarity and peace of mind for our clients.  Our scheduling, scope change, selections, daily reports, and budgeting are all performed via our website and a management software suite that we have integrated into our server.  But the most important aspect of our communication policy is its focus on teamwork.  The construction process cannot be successful without a dedication to team cohesion.  Wilkinson-Montesano facilitates a teamwork approach for pre-project management and construction among all team members that promotes a single unified goal; client satisfaction and the best building process possible.

Quality and value are not mutually exclusive, they should be considered equal in pursuit.  Any construction company can provide a quality product if cost and schedules are not a concern.  What separates our firm from others is that we prefer a value approach to construction, there is no reason to spend more time and money than necessary to get the highest quality possible.  Any less is inefficiency for inefficiency’s sake.  We strive to join value and quality with each decision we make.

Steve Wilkinson- (Principal/Project Management)

Site administration, subcontractor negotiations, subcontractor and supplier scheduling, design/engineering communications, client relations, Quality Control.

Thirty-Two years’ experience in the construction industry- ten of which consisted of field construction and the past six have been a hybrid of fieldwork and administration.

Joe Montesano- (Principal/CEO)

Administration, estimation, procurement, scheduling, information management, billing and account management, design/engineering communications, client relations, Quality Control.

Twenty-two years’ experience in the construction industry- fourteen of which consisted of field construction and eight years management and administration.

Jan Moss- (Office Administrator) 

Brooke Remer- Payroll and Human Resources

Office Administration, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Payroll, Insurance, and generally holding the place together!

28 years combined experience in accounts and construction related admin work

Andrew Leavitt

Gil Hundley

Josh Green

Dave Durtschi

George Pelton

Chad Larson

Chans Huskinson

Damon Crowe

Project management- In charge of Wilkinson-Montesano carpentry crews, subcontractor coordination, daily site documentation, time management and Quality Control.

Each has worked through the ranks at Wilkinson-Montesano Builders and have been trained throughout their careers in how to facilitate teamwork on our project sites.  All of our PM's are by trade excellent craftsmen/carpenters, who know every aspect of a building from foundations through cabinet hardware.  Each understands the value of communication and has displayed an ability to foster relationships with our clients that last for far longer than the project they helped create.