In fact I’ve never worked with a builder more willing to adapt to changes, as quickly and efficiently as possible, and create what we wanted in a process that by it’s nature could not be totally planned in advance
— M.F.

The various structures and personalities we have encountered in the last 14 years have taught us much about successful construction projects, teaching us to focus on our cornerstones of Integrity, Quality, Communication and Value.

Our focus on quality and accountability resonates throughout our company, our suppliers, and our subcontractors. Our thirty-plus person team of project managers, carpenters, and apprentices take pride in their craft and understand that everything they do on a job site reflects the company. Each of us, from the office to the field, views client happiness as the ultimate goal- after all it is our reputation that has kept us busy throughout various economic trends.


The earlier you contact us in the design process the more we can help you, your architect, and designers achieve your goals when it comes to building practices and budgets. We find the Value Engineering process (where we help you achieve your aesthetic and budgetary goals) to be the cornerstone of all successful projects.

Our estimation process combines the best parts of modern technology and good old fashioned experience. We believe that without quantifying every aspect of the building there is no way to objectively discern the costs involved in a project. We also believe that a proper estimating exercise establishes a verifiable cost, and eliminates any client concern about a bait and switch pricing scenario or a future deluge of change orders. Our budgets are as transparent and detailed as we know to be possible in the construction industry. By clarifying every item and scope in a structure, our clients are comfortable during every decision making process throughout the project.

Quality, Value and Communication. These are the three pillars that hold up our reputation as builders of the finest quality custom homes. We believe that every project, from a $150,000 starter home to a $9 million dollar dream home, deserves the same level of quality and attention to detail when it comes to the actual construction of the structure. We are not going to cut corners to save money- but budgets are not just arbitrary numbers thrown out at a whim. We will guide you toward value at each turn in the process. Quality and Value are not mutually exclusive, and it is our goal to find the perfect synthesis of the two concepts in practice.
Communication is the key to effective project management.

Communication-                                                                                                                                                                                                      Our project managers and clients are linked together through our client enabled website where progress photos, schedules, budgets, selections and changes are constantly tracked by all members of the team. It is this ability to exchange information real time that helps our clients make decisions while knowing and witnessing the process unfold- via photos, daily updates, schedule access and an up to date documented selection process- that keeps everybody informed and reduces potential surprises during construction.

  • As a benefit to our clients we provide each project with a web portal wherein all aspects of the project will be documented:
  • Job reports will be posted daily, which contain photos of the day’s progress, comments, a list of the in-house personnel on site and which sub-contractors were performing their trades that day.
  • The schedule portion of the program has all important milestones of the project inputted, and any milestone or selection deadlines will automatically be sent to the client, architect, designer, PM and subcontractor to alert them of the time frame in which the decision is needed.
  • All documentation (plans, SK’s engineering, and renderings) will be stored on the site so reference can easily be made concerning any questions.
  • The selections section will be tailored specifically to the project through the pre-project planning phase, and will be updated throughout the project to allow for a continuous updated information clearinghouse.

Below is a link to our client website Sample Project:

Sample Client Login

Username: WMBSample

Password: WMBuilders